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Founded in 1919, Registered under Societies Registration Act 1860
Representating the Catholic Laity of India through 120 Diocesan Units Nationwide

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All India Catholic Union was established in 1919, registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 and it is the representative of the Catholic Laity, of India with affiliated units nationwide.

AICU is a democratic federation with affiliated Catholic Associations across the Diocese/Districts in India. It is a non political body, and it seeks to represent and strengthen the Catholic Community and country, in the socio-religious, political, and economic fields.

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Mother Teresa was the epitome of compassion. If ever one would dare to give a core competency to her, it is this single characteristic of being a compassionate person. She radiated this quality, when on earth, in a way, few humans could ever do; her love for the marginalized and the vulnerable and particularly for the poorest of the poor and the dying destitute was boundless. She was able to give and not to count the cost. Her ability to be compassionate towards others motivated her to found the Missionaries of Charity. She was effusive in her compassion for the “least of our sisters and brothers” and did not try to hide this fact.

In a fitting tribute to Mother Teresa the United Nations in 2013, declared every September 5th (her death anniversary) as the ‘International Day of Charity’ inviting “all Member States and all international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to commemorate the Day in an appropriate manner, by encouraging charity, including through education and public awareness-raising activities.”

The world desperately stands in need of compassion today! A compassion, which reaches out to the unloved, the ostracized, the marginalized and the vulnerable. A compassion, that takes a stand for the poor, the victims of injustice, the refugees and the displaced. A compassion, that is able to negate and overcome the hate and divisiveness; the racism and communalism; the xenophobia and the exclusiveness that has gripped our world as never before. We need the compassion of Mother Teresa as never before.

On September 4th 2016, in a very special ceremony at St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, Pope Francis canonized Mother Teresa as a Saint of the Catholic Church. In his homily he reminded the world of the need and importance to live the values which St Teresa of Kolkata embodied, “May this tireless worker of mercy help us to increasingly understand that our only criterion for action is gratuitous love, free from every ideology and all obligations, offered freely to everyone without distinction of language, culture, race or religion. Mother Teresa loved to say, “Perhaps I don’t speak their language, but I can smile”. Let us carry her smile in our hearts and give it to those whom we meet along our journey, especially those who suffer. In this way, we will open up opportunities of joy and hope for our many brothers and sisters who are discouraged and who stand in need of understanding and tenderness”.

Mother Teresa died twenty years ago on September 5th 1997. Strangely and symbolically, September 5th is also observed as ‘Teachers Day’ in India in memory of our visionary late President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who besides being a great educationist and philosopher, also believed that education is the key to India’s inclusive development. .

Mother Teresa was also a teacher, having taught in a Bengali Medium Girls School for several years before she founded the Missionaries of Charity. During her lifetime, she taught the world several important and valuable lessons. Compassion however, was her hallmark! We need to do our best to imbibe these values in whatever way we can. She would say, “In this life we cannot do great things; we can only do small things with great love!”

As we celebrate on September 5th, God’s great gift to mankind in the person of Mother Teresa, let us also pray to her, this great ‘Saint of the gutters’ to give us a compassionate heart, the courage to reach out in love unconditionally and the commitment to give and not to count the cost!

St Teresa of Kolkata pray for us!

: Prathiba Puraskar -2017

Catholic Sabha Mangalore Pradesh (R) City Varado and Bondel unit organized Prathibha Puraskar- 2017 for the meritorious students of the 12 parishes of city denary for X std , II PUC, degree and Post-graduate and specially talented category on 3rd September at Bondel parish hall under the presidentship of Rev. Fr. Victor Machado, Vicar Vara of City Denary .
The programme was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Andrew D Souza, Parish Priest of Bondel Church. 139 meritorious students of 12 parishes ware honoured by Rev. Fr. Austin Peres, Spiritual Director of City Catholic Sabha.
Mrs. Vijetha Pinky D’Sa and Dr Ajith D’ Souza were guest speakers who addressed the students about different opportunities for valuable and successful life.
Denis D’ Souza, Varado President, Flavia D’ Souza, Secretary, all the unit presidents and other Catholic Sabha members, along with parents of meritorious students, were present. Lancy D’ Cunha, National President of AICU, was the convener for this programme . Wilfred Alvares, President, Bondel Unit, compeered and Secretary Anitha D’ Souza proposed the vote of thanks.


Supreme Court issues notice to Government on AICU application that Article 341 Part 3 is used in Sangh Parivar’s Ghar Wapsi campaign against Minorities

AICU welcomes ruling upholding Right to Privacy

Jharkhand CM being sued for targeting Christians


[The following is the text of the statement issued today at a Press Conference at the Bengaluru Press Club by Mr Lancy D’ Cunha, the National President of the All India Catholic Union, and AICU official spokesman Dr John Dayal.]

The All India Catholic Union [AICU] has welcomed the Supreme Court ruling upholding Privacy as a fundamental right of all citizens. The ruling will have widespread impact on all persons, and specially on religious and other minorities. The AICU is studying the full ramifications of the ruling, as also that of the recent majority judgement outlawing Instant Triple Talaq in Muslims. AICU is in solidarity with women in their struggle for equal rights.

“We also express gratitude to the Supreme Court Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice D Y Chandrachud who recently issued notice to the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment on a petition filed by AICU and its past president, Dr. John Dayal, challenging the validity of Article 341 para 3 of Constitution. This Article, which was once known as the President’s Order of 1950, denied Dalit Christians and Muslims reservation and other benefits,” AICU president Mr. Lancy D’ Cunha said.

AICU’s lawyer, Mr P I Jose, told the Supreme Court that this provision was being misused by Hindutva organizations like the RSS and VHP to indulge in Ghar Wapsi, that is re-​conversion​n of Christians and Muslims into Hinduism. The RSS and its affiliates are misusing the delay in not hearing the original 2004 public interest petition on this issue, by engaging in Ghar Wapsi etc. and therefore there is a need to hear the matter early, even though the government of India is delaying it by not filing a reply, Advocate Jose told the Court.

As per para 3 of Constitution (scheduled castes) order 1950 which the petition has challenged, “no person who professes a religion different from the Hindu, the Sikh or the Buddhist religion shall be deemed to be a member of a scheduled caste”. Bodies like the RSS and VHP are capitalizing on the delay by luring Dalit Christians to re-convert by promising them Scheduled Caste rights and other incentives. AICU, which represents the Catholic Laity in the country, is deeply concerned over ‘Ghar Wapsi’ or the re-conversion programme and ether coercive and violent actions indulged in by Hindutva right wing outfits, and had moved a fresh petition for scrapping of the clause.

It is important to mention that on the one hand the poor Christians of Dalit origin are deprived of their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of faith and worship, on the other hand large groups of politically and institutionally patronised narrow fundamentalist religious bigots openly come out with violent intimidatory programs like “Ghar Wapsi” and other like programs depriving the poor Christians of Scheduled caste origin their basic human rights of peaceful living. The existing laws seem to legitimise Ghar Wapsi, while making it prohibitive and punitive for any Dalit to exercise his or her freedom of faith and convert to Islam or Christianity. Conversions to Buddhism and Sikhism do not invite this punishment.

The AICU was among the first ones to challenge the Presidential Order when it was issued in 1950. It has now decided to take legal recourse apart from its normal advocacy and mass mobilisations to seek the protection of the rights of religious minorities.

The AICU has also, therefore, decided to take legal action against the chief minister of Jharkhand, Mr Raghubar Das, and his government who recently pushed an anti-religious conversion bill in the state legislature. The chief minister then added insult to injury by using public money to issue an outrageous newspaper advertisement which uses a garbled statement of Mahatma Gandhi made before Independence to target Christians. Our lawyers are currently in the process of finalising our petition, Dr John Dayal said.

AICU has also noted the hate speeches that have emanated from the recent session of Sangh Parivar organisations in Goa. These have further vitiated the surcharged atmosphere, and aggravated the communal polarisation in the country. Sadhvi Sarasvati’s call for death to beef eaters is the type of targeting that has led to the rash of the large number of lynching of Muslims and Dalits ins several states in India.

AICU has called on the new President of India, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to order exemplary action against such hate mongers. Although government has sought to appease Christians in Goa and the north east by keeping the states out of the ban on beef, the politics of the cow has targeted Muslims and other communities whose food habits and economy depended on the trade in bovines. Its ramifications have not been fully understood, and AICU fears they will irretrievably damage the economic health of the farmers and the poor.

The Catholic Union is alarmed at the serial attempts by the Central and State governments to saffronise all levels of education in the country by direct changes in academic curricula, text books and teaching. The warped interpretation of history, archaeology and social sciences will make children misfits in a modern world and will unravel the progress made in the decades since Independence.

In Karnataka, the AICU demands that the state government immediately set up a Christian Development Corporation by elevating existing the existing board, which has inadequate powers. We also demand that other states other states in the country which do not have Minority Commissions or development corporations set them up soon.

We also call upon political parties Karnataka to ensure that the Christian community is represented in their party structures, and in the candidates, that they chose for the state assembly and other elected bodies. It is a matter of concern that at present there are just two Christians in the State assembly although the population is over 10 per cent

The Union also backed the Catholic community in various parts of the country which have been fighting the desecration of Crosses, and their arbitrary demolition despite authentic documentation of their antiquity. The community in the past had often voluntary shifted holy Crosses if they felt it was in the national cause. It was in line with the Christian community giving up a church so that India’s rocket and space sciences could have their first base in Kerala.

Released to the media by Dr John Dayal, past president and Official Spokesman, Dr John Dayal. Contact:; +919811021072

The Poona Catholic Association

The Poona Catholic Association submitted a memorandum to the District Collector for alloting cemetery to Christians. The photo has President Joe Kasbe submitting the memorandum to the Collector



AICU Poster Competition – 2017

AICU Poster Competition – 2017

The rules and regulations of this poster competition will be as follows:

A. The poster competition will be organized at 3 Levels:

1. Diocesan Level
2. State Level (with participation by at least 3 dioceses)
3. National Level

B This competition will be for catholic students 8th to X std

C. Competition to start from 1st September 2017 and end on 31st December 2017

D. Prizes will be awarded for winners at different levels

1. National Level

1st prize - Trophy + Certificate + Rs. 10000 cash
2nd prize - Trophy + Certificate + Rs. 5000 cash
3rd prize - Trophy + Certificate + Rs. 3000 cash

2. State Level (minimum 3 dioceses to participate)

1st prize - Trophy + Certificate
2nd prize - Trophy + Certificate
3rd prize - Trophy + Certificate

3. Diocesan Level

1st prize - Trophy + Certificate
2nd prize - Trophy + Certificate
3rd prize - Trophy + Certificate

E. Subject for the painting competition:

2. Class 8 to 10 std - Kingdom Values of Christian’s Service in India

Rules & Regulations

1. This poster competition is only for Catholics residing in India.
2. Proof of age / the class of studying, certified by the School / Parish is required.
3. Participants to bring their own white drawing / chart paper in A3 size (11" x 17") and colors preferably water colors, etc.
4. Time duration for the competition is 3 hours.
5. 10 Marks each will be given for the following: Total 50 marks.
a) Creativity b) Neatness c) Beauty d) Accuracy with topic e) Overall quality
6. Competitions will be judged at 3 different levels. However the participants have to paint drawing only once at the Diocesan Level
7. It is compulsory to have minimum 10 participants in each category for the competition to be held for that category.
8. 5 best paintings in each category will be sent for the next level of judging. However, only 3 best paintings will be awarded.
9. Diocesan level competition will be conducted with the help of the diocesan associates.
10. Prize winning posters may be used for the AICU Official Calendar
11. All Posters will be the sole property of AICU and would be displayed during exhibition and in AICU web site & will not be returned.
12. Organizers decision will be final and binding on all.
13. Diocesan units may arrange gift vouchers, prize & light refreshment for the participants
14. Entry fees of not more than Rs.50/- should be charged. However, we recommend no entry fees.
15. Organizers’ have the right to cancel the competition
16. Local organizers will announce the date and venue along with rules and regulations and will provide Entry form to the participants.
17. Participants are requested to write caption for the drawing and explain the drawing in max 3 sentences.

Lancy D Cunha Flavy D Sousa A Chinnappan
National President National Secretary/convener Secretary General
7259020989 9964319065 9990202102



Catholic Union denounces hate speeches at Goa Hindutva meet; BJP’s beef politics targets Muslims, Dalits and agro economy

Catholic Union denounces hate speeches at Goa Hindutva meet; BJP’s beef politics targets Muslims, Dalits and agro economy

Chief Justice urged to name Constitution Bench on Dalit Christians’ rights

Union slams moves to nationalize Goa rivers; demands Minority Commission, Catholic University in State

Panaji, Goa, 31 July 2017

[Statement released at a Press conference in Panaji, Goa, by All India Catholic Union National President, Mr. Lancy D Cunha. The press conference was also addressed by Past National President and Spokesman, Dr. John Dayal. The All India Catholic Union, which celebrates its centenary in 2019, is the oldest and largest Laity organisation in Asia. The AICU held two-day special consultations on issues impacting the Christian community in the country.]

The All India Catholic Union has denounced the hate speeches that emanated from the recent session of Sangh Parivar organisations in Goa. These have further vitiated the surcharged atmosphere, and aggravated the communal polarisation in the country. Sadhvi Sarasvati’s call for death to beef eaters is the type of targeting that has led to the rash of the large number of lynching of Muslims and Dalits ins several states in India.

While congratulating Mr. Ram Chandra Kovind, a Dalit, on his becoming the 14th President of India, the AICU has called upon him and Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to order exemplary action against such hate mongers. Although government has sought to appease Christians in Goa and the north east by keeping the states out of the ban on beef, the politics of the cow has targeted Muslims and other communities whose food habits and economy depended on the trade in bovines. Its ramifications have not been fully understood, and AICU fears they will irretrievably damage the economic health of the farmers and the poor.

The Catholic Union is also alarmed at the serial attempts by the Central and State governments to saffronise all levels of education in the country by direct changes in academic curricula, text books and teaching. The coming generations scientific reasoning and the pursuit of knowledge to a warped interpretation of history, archaeology and social sciences that will make children misfits in a modern world and will unravel the progress made in the decades since Independence.

In its review of the situation in Goa, the AICU expressed its solidarity with the demand of the Catholic Association of Goa for the setting up of a Minority Commission in the state. It noted that the Human Rights and other bodies meant to safeguard constitutional rights were dysfunctional. There was lack of transparency in government recruitment in the absence of a state services board or commission. This had created anarchy in the selection of candidates who were now being chosen at the whims and fancies of officers on interview boards.

A major fear of the people is of moves to nationalize rivers of Goa to open them to the corporate sector as transport routes for coal. Any proposal to make a coal transport hub poses serious threat to the health of the rivers and its ecology which has barely recovered from the ravages by the ore shipping trade.

The Union also backed the Catholic Community of Mumbai, the capital of neighboring Maharashtra, which has been fighting the desecration of Crosses, and their arbitrary demolition despite authentic documentation of their antiquity. It noticed that the people had often voluntary shifted holy Crosses if they felt it was in the national cause. It was in line with the Christian community giving up a church so that India’s rocket and space sciences could have their first base in Kerala.

AICU notes the mischief inherent in efforts by the Mumbai authorities in evolving development plans for the city without acknowledging the presence of churches and other Christians institutions. This makes them venerable to demolition in the future. The government must take remedial action immediately, the Union said.
[Released to the Media by Dr. John Dayal, Official Spokesman, All India Catholic Union. For further information, please contact; +919811021072



The 4th Working committee meeting notice

Dear Member of AICU Working Committee, Dated: 5 july, 2017
The 4th Working committee meeting of the All India Catholic Union (2016-2018) will be held on friday 25th aug 2017 at –NBCLC Bangalore , Hutchins Road, 2nd cross, St Thomas Town P.O Bangalore 84. to transact the following Agenda:
1. Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist.
2. Welcome address by Host
3. Address by AICU National President.
4. Address by AICU National Vice President.
5. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Working Committee Meeting held on the on the 17th june, 2017 at Puri orrisa
6. Statement of Accounts for the past Quarter.
7. Report on AICU Benevolence Foundation & Corpus Fund.
8. Sharing Information on AICU Centenary Celebrations.
9. Proposals and Action plans by Committee Members including Fund raising activities.
10. Update on AICU website.
11. Revival of units. Presentation of written reports by NS, NC, SP,SS
12. Discussion on Newsletter and sharing of information.
13. CBCI – AICU Interaction
14. Resolutions.
15. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
16. Vote of thanks and closing prayer

Kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting.
Please confirm your presence at the earliest in order to make necessary arrangements.

A Chinnappan
Secretary General



Notice & Agenda for the 63rd Annual General Meeting

Notice & Agenda for the 63rd Annual General Meeting July 5, 2017
1. Affiliated Units of All India Catholic Union
2. Working Committee Members
3. Benefactor and Life Members of AICU

The 63rd Annual General Body Meeting of All India Catholic Union will be held on Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th August 2017 NBCLC Bangalore , Hutchins Road, 2nd cross, St Thomas Town P.O Bangalore 84, to transact the following Agenda::

Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist at 9.00 am
1. Welcome by host
2. Address by the National President Mr. Lancy D Cunha
3. Address by the National Vice President Mr. Elias Vas
4. Presentation of the Annual Report by the Secretary General A. Chinnappan
5. Launching new projects
6. Keynote address by the Chief Guest.
7 Confirmation of Minutes of the last AGM held at Kolkata
8. Presentation of Audited Accounts for the year ended 31.3.2017 by HT – Mr. Alexander Anthony
9. To receive and adopt the Budget proposal for the year 2017-18.
10. To appoint Auditors for the year 2017-18
11. Report on AICU Centenary Celebrations.
12. Reports of National Secretaries, National Coordinators, State Presidents / State Secretaries to be presented in writing
13. Discussion on State wise issues/ Reports/Interaction with Units.
14. Report on AICU Benevolence fund & AICU Newsletter.
15. Open House./ Resolutions.
16. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
17. Vote of thanks and adjournments of meeting.

Yours sincerely
(A Chinnappan )
Secretary General

Please Note :

1. Venue is 8 kms away from Bangalore Railway station (very near to Banaswadi Railway station ) . Bangalore Devanahalli Airport is about 25 kms away from venue. If you need any assistance then please inform your arrival and departure details to Mr. Alphonse Kennedy on Ph: 988630103 OR Ms. Clara Fernandes Mob no. 9449206308 or Mr. Lancy D Cunha & 7259020989.
2. The National Secretaries, State Presidents / State Secretaries will have to send TYPED WRITTEN Reports to Secretary General & the AICU Administrative Office on or before 15th August 2017.
3. Please note that all representatives of affiliated units wishing to discuss any matter pertaining to the functioning of the Unit/s must inform Secretary General on or before 15th August 2017.

Golden Jubilee Celebration of TDCA

The Golden Jubilee celebration of Trichy Diocese Catholic Association was celebrated on 1st May, 2017 at Arumkodai Illam, Trichy. The function was started by concelebrated Holy Mass by the Parish Priest of Cathedral, Rev. Fr. Lawrence and other well-wishers of CA. The flage of the association was hoisted by AICU National President Mr Lancy D Cunha, and lighting of Kuthuvilakku was performed by Most Rev. Thomas Paulsamy, the Bishop of Dindigul Diocese, Mr. Chinnappn, the Secretary General of AICU and office bearers of AICU(TN) Mr. Pichai, Adv. Arokiasamy, Adv. Amalraj Dhairiyam and TDCA. After that, unveiled the photos of departed leaders Dr.S.Arockiasamy, Prof. M.Marianallu, and Mr. Michael Durairaj as respect and paid homage to them all. The first session was chaired by Most Rev. Thomas Paulsamy. A welcome dance was performed and TDCA General Secretary Mrs. Bernadette Pichai welcomed all the dignataries and others. The inaugural address was given by Rev. Fr. Ambrose, the Spiritual guide of TDCA. Mr. P. Joseph Packiaraj SP(TN) gave his Golden Jubilee message. As a mark of TDCA golden Jubilee, Rs.200/ each was given to fifty poor families and it will be continued each month to each families by the generous help from Mrs. Emily Richard, Ex Chairman of Trichy Municipal Corporation, and one of the benefactor of TDCA.
The following awards were distributed by Most Rev. Thomas Paulsamy in this function. Award of Honour in the name of the First President of AICU Mr.Retinasamy was given to the present AICU NP, NSG, and TN State office bearers. Trichy Bishop , Patron of TDCA Most Rev. Antony Devotta Award was given to all the presidents of Parish CA of Trichy Diocese. Special awards to Mr. P. Lawrence, Mr.T. Jacob and Mrs. Bernadette Pichai were given by Most Rev. Thomas Paulsamy for their long standing dedicated service in TDCA and AICU. After that Most Rev. Thomas Paulsamy delivered his thought provoking and stimulating presidential address, which attracted everybody. The session was moderated by Mrs. Sheela David, the Treasurer of TDCA.
A pannel discussion was moderated by Dr. Asokan in What kind of spirituality should be the present day CA?, 1. Religious spirituality, 2. Social spirituality, or 3. Political spirituality. At the end he gave his observation that the need of the hour of CA is Political Spirituality.
After lunch break folk cultural programme was performed. After noon, session was chaired by TDCA Patron and Bishop of Trichy Diocese, Most Rev. Antony Devotta. All the dignataries and special invitees were welcomed by Mr. Kanagaraj, Organising Secretary. Rev. Msgr. Eugene, VG of Trichy Diocese felicitated TDCA for its fifty years of service to the church and society. Mr. T. Jacob President of TDCA gave a short history of TDCA. Mr.P.Lawrence, Ex SP(TN), introduced the Golden Jubilee Souvenier. Most Rev. Antony Devotta released the Souvenier and it was received by Mrs. Catherine Arockiasamy and NS Adv. Arockiasamy. Following that Pope Francis Award was given to those who have sacrificed their time and energy to the Catholic church and society by Most Rev. Antony Devotta. Felicitation were given by Swami A. Louis, of Anjali Ashram, AICU NP Mr. Lancy D Cunha, NSG Mr. Chinnappan. At the end Most Rev. Antony Devotta delivered his veledictory address and his blessings. Vote of thanks was given by Mr.Michael, Deputy Secretary of TDCA. The function came to an end by Papal Aunthem....

Blood Donation Camp

2, April 2017 was a special day in Lent at Borivali. The St. John Bosco unit of the BCS, an affiliated Association of AICU conducted blood donation. Over a hundred participants and over 50 litres of blood collected by "Blood Bank". Uniqueness was that it was not only laity of the parish but the Vice President of BCS Lawrence Fernandes, spiritual Advisor of the unit Rev. Fr. Leon, people from around Borivali (IC colony, Malad, Andheri, someone from Andhra Ptadesh) as also quite a few non Catholics donating blood. It really showed brotherhood transcends religious sovereignty.The unit also felicitated one of the elected Corporators Ms. Anjali Khedekar of BJP (under whose jurisdiction a part of parish community is situated). The photos are pictorial testimony. Thanks BCS, St. John Bosco unit.AICU is proud of you.



Can we celebrate ‘Our Health’?

Come April 7th and World Health Day will be observed once again. The focus this year is on ‘Depression’, which as the WHO statement says, “affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. It causes mental anguish and impacts on people’s ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends and the ability to earn a living”.

Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. According to the latest estimates from WHO, more than 300 million people are now living with depression, an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015. Lack of support for people with mental disorders, coupled with a fear of stigma, prevent many from accessing the treatment they need to live healthy, productive lives. “Let’s Talk” is the response part of the theme; emphasising the fact that those who suffer from depression must seek help, must talk about it- but the real challenge today is are there people who have time “to listen”?

Today, many of us live in great stress. Competition and consumerism, power and possessions tend to rule our lives and our world. What matters most is being “up-there.” Several parents today goad and prod their children, in an obsession to making them ‘prodigies’. The result is stress on all fronts and unnecessarily so. Children are literally robbed of their childhood. The work place more often than not, becomes a source of tension. Family life is marred because everyone is so ‘busy’, that value time for the other, has become a rarity. Continuous conflicts and wars, certainly adds to the depressive state of affairs everywhere!

A few years ago, ‘our doctor’ was our family physician. We went to the doctor for minor and major ailments. We were listened to and given some good counsel. Our family doctor was privy to husband-wife problems; the concerns parents had with their children and vice-versa; and of course, those with the ‘in-laws’. Some hard-to swallow powders and bitter medicine were given. One often felt better, not depressed, after visiting one’s doctor. Most often we were cured before the medicine dosage was completely finished. The doctor found time to visit us in our homes, when we were too ill to go to the clinic. Of course, there were always the big hospitals for major illnesses, surgeries etc.

Times have changed! The ‘family doctor’ in most places has become as prehistoric as a dinosaur. Every illness necessitates that a ‘specialist’ and a ‘super-specialist’ see us. Then there are the innumerable tests to be done and reports to be got. At the end there is a huge bill to pay. Several of the ‘posh’ hospitals generate astronomical billings – no patient and not even a corpse can be taken out of that hospital until every rupee has been settled. However, these expensive medical services in the country cater to a particular clientele who can afford it; for the teeming millions, in India, it is just beyond their means.

Healthcare, which is accessible and affordable, equitable and qualitative, is the right of every single citizen. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Article 25 states, “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services." The Universal Declaration makes additional accommodations for security in case of physical debilitation or disability, and makes special mention of care given to those in motherhood or childhood

All this seems good on paper. The reality is tragically different for millions of Indians –especially for the poor and marginalised sections of society. In September 2016, the first global analysis that assesses countries on sustainable development goal (SDG) health performance was launched at a special event at the UN General Assembly. This new index developed to assess each country’s achievement on a range of health indicators ranked India a pitiable 143 out of 188 countries, six places ahead of Pakistan and way behind countries like Sri Lanka (79), China (92), even war-torn Syria (117) and Iraq (128). Dr Vikram Patel, Professor of International Mental Health at the Centre for Global Mental Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and co-author of the study says, “the reason why India continues to be one of the worst-performing countries in health is because its political and medical classes have persistently ignored public health principles which ultimately improve a nation’s health, such as addressing social determinants of disease and ensuring high-quality, accountable, universal health care for people.”

Dr. Patel hits the nail on the head. The Government shows no political will to ensure the much-needed healthcare for the poor and the marginalised. In the last Union Budget presented at the end of January 2017, the allocation for the health sector as a share of GDP has seen a marginal increase from 0.26% in 2016-17 to 0.30% in 2017-18 .This falls abysmally short of meeting the long-standing demand (articulated in the Draft National Health Policy, 2015) of increasing the total allocation for health sector to at least 2.5% of the GDP. On the other hand, the Defence allocation was hiked by a further 10%, making it scandalously to about 12.78% of the total Government expenditure.

The fact that health has not reached millions of the men and women of our country is certainly depressing news. ‘Depression’ must be addressed; but a primary question that we need to ask ourselves “Can we really celebrate ‘our health’?


In a first of its kind event, the BCS along with Bombay East Indian Association, Watchdog Foundation and Save Our Land, felicitated the newly Elected BMC Corporators, Ms. Winnie D’Souza, Ms. Tulip Miranda and Ms. Steffi Kinny at a well attend programme at St. Anne’s High School Hall, Orlem on Sunday 2 April 2017 evening. The gathering also felicitated and prayed for Ms. Jayshree David who was elected to Thane Municipal Corportation but could not be present as her child was unwell. At this event, all the Christian candidates who contested were appreciated and honoured.

Ms. Rita D’Sa, the BCS President, shared the vision of the Sabha to be more actively involved in the civic and political fields, the urgent need of getting greater representation in local governing bodies and encouraging the Christian youth to consider Civil Services and Political involvement as a viable career options. Adv. Vivian D’Souza, President BEIA and Mr. Dolphy D’Souza, Spokesperson SOUL briefly outlined the need for greater involvement of our Christian youth in issues of governance and to overcome the pessimism and apathy that prevails in the community.

In a brief interesting talk show conducted by Mr. Dolphy D’Souza, the Corporators shared what motivated them, their experience and acknowledged the support of the community in their election. They also gave tips for the future to the candidates who contested and lost as well as other aspiring candidates and offered them all their support. It was important to have a banner behind them as in the present scenario the chances of an independent canditate making it was near to impossible. They assured their full support for all the issues affecting the community and said they would cooperate in any way needed.

The Guest of Honour, Fr. Gilbert D’Lima, Parish Priest of O L of Lourdes Orlem and Dean of Borivli Deanery, placed the importance of this event in the light of the gospel of the day, stressing on the point that Jesus needs the cooperation of all of us in the work of transforming society and responding to the present political scenario. He also stirred all to be vigilant about the threats to our constitution and the values of secularism and democracy and to be ready to ask questions and stand up for our rights.

The Chief Guest, Bishop Barthol Barretto, conveyed the felicitations of the Archdiocese to the elected corporators and wished them a fruitful tenure of service. He offered them the values of Integrity, Benevolence and Unity urging them to be transparent and open in all that they do, pleading of them to reach out to the poor, marginalised, exploited and vulnerable and requesting them to be united in prayer with Jesus, who could do all things for them.

The event was ably compered by Mr. Anthony Dias, Jt Secretary BCS and was well appreciated by all.

Catholic Sabha Mangalore Women's Day Celebration

Catholic Sabha Mangalore celebrated International Women's Day on March 12 at Bishops House, Mangalore. The programme was inaugurated by Rev Fr. Mathew Vas, spiritual director of Catholic Sabha and presided over by Anil Lobo. Role of men in empowerment of women's in society was the topic and Dr Rajesh Dsouza, Principal, Yenapoya Engineering College was the guest speaker.
Mrs Hilda Alva, Mrs Theresa Sequiera and Sr Agnitia Frank were felicitated for their service to society.
The programme was well attend by 165 ladies and equal number of men. Assumpta Crasta, coordinator of women's cell, welcomed the gathering and Mable DSouza thanked. The programme was compered by Walter Monis, felicitation song was sung by women's group and Catholic Sabha Valencia unit presented a skit to entrain all. National President AICU, Lancy D’Cunha, and prominent leaders of Catholic Sabha were present. The programme concluded with lunch.

Catholic Association of Hyderabad RELEASE of REV. Fr. TOM UZHUNNALIL

t may be noted that Rev. Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil who is an Indian Priest serving the community in Yemen was abducted and held in captivity for several months by the ISIS module of Yemen. Several requests have been made to the Government of India for his release from the captors. Most of our efforts have gone unnoticed.

In this regard the All India Catholic Union has called for a Nationwide Prayer and Fasting on 10th March-2017. The Catholic Association of Hyderabad a Local unit of AICU called for a Fasting and Prayer Service that was attended by large number of Christians including Religious Priests and Nuns, between 1 P.M to 3 P.M at St. Mary’s Basilica Secunderabad.

This event was attended by Mr. Martin Michael State President of AICU, Mr. S. Anthony Minorities Affairs of AICU, Mr. John Bosco President of the Catholic Association of Hyderabad, Mr. Leo Lewis General Secretary of Catholic Association of Hyderabad along with senior leaders of the Catholic community. The AICU and CAH has requested the Government of India to take necessary steps for a speedy release of Rev. Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil in their general Address.

A day of Prayer & Fasting - Rev Fr. Tom Uzhunalil.

A day of Prayer & Fasting - Rev Fr. Tom Uzhunalil.


When the first All India Catholic Conference was held in 1919, under the eminent leadership of Prof. A. Soares, F.A.C. Rebello & Prof. C. J. Varkey, plans for the formation of this organization were laid down and in 1930 an organized union of the Catholic Laity the All India Catholic League was formed at a National Level and under it's patronage the first All India Catholic Congress was convened at Pune in 1934.

In 1940, this organized body was named Catholic Union of India and Prof. M. Ratnaswamy, the then Vice - Chancellor, Anna Malai University was the first National President and Prof. A. Soares was the first Secretary General.

In 1966 Catholic Union of India was registered at Chennai, under the Societies Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860). Subsequently the name was changed to All India Catholic Union

Roles Played

AICU is the forerunner in all legitimate causes for Catholics in India. Its prime aim is to protect national, political and social interest and rights of the Catholics. The united strength of the Catholics in India successfully fought under the leadership of Catholic Union of India (CUI) against Niyogi Committee Report, O.P. Tyagi Bill in 1978, Kerala Education Bill. Christmas satyagraha for justice, peace and national integration in 1990, Census awareness campaign in 1991, Dalit Christian Rally in the Capital in 1993 & 1996, litigation relating to the Supreme Court's 50% Minority Institutions Judgement in 1993. A recent cause taken by the Union is equal rights for the Dalit Christians, the Christian Personal Laws, and representation against the atrocities on Churches and Christian Institutions starting with Gajraula and Jogeshwari nuns incident, till date taking place in Orissa, Bihar, UP, MP, Gujarat and various other parts of the Country.

AICU now established a voice and presence with the "powers that be" across the Country. AICU works in the area of Human Rights and social justice. AICU's protests against atrocities on Minorities and Human Rights have been quoted in Parliament during the confidence motion debate in February 1998 and in India Today (August 15, 1998). AICU with the active involvement of CBCI has forged a National Christian Front of all mainline Churches to deal with protection and promotion of rights and interests.


  • star Service in Unity
    Our Motto
  • star To represent and articulate the aspirations of Laity
    Our Mandate
  • star To be a powerful body in service of community and country
    Our Vision

The aims and objects of the All India Catholic Union shall be:

  • To spread the influence of Catholic ideals and principles in Indian public life through any medium of communication and to promote unity and solidarity among the people of India through Christian endeavour.
  • To be the exponent of Catholic opinion and to make representations to authorities and public bodies in all matters affecting Catholics.
  • To rouse the civic, social and national consciousness of Catholics, to help them to play a useful and effective part in the public life of the country and to make their full contribution to national unity and welfare.
  • To promote unity and solidarity among Catholics of India, inter alia, by promoting the establishment of Catholic Associations/Sabhas/Unions where they do not exist and by co-ordinating their activities.
  • To safeguard by all lawful means the legitimate rights, liberties and interest of the Catholic Community particularly those guaranteed by the Constitution of India.
  • To promote measures to raise the economic, educational and social condition of Catholics including Catholics and to run or to assist in running economic projects, educational institutions or social welfare schemes.
  • To perform works of charity for those in need, irrespective of race, caste, community or creed.
  • To take over and manage the assets and properties, if any, belonging to the unregistered society of the Union functioning from the year 1945 or standing in the name of the Union and to continue the management of the affairs assets and properties of the Union as heretofore.
  • To hold and manage the assets and properties already acquired by the unregistered Union and to acquire hereafter by purchase, lease, mortgage, loan, gift, grant, legacy, bequest, exchange, right, privilege or otherwise from any person, company, society, government, or institution or any body whatsoever moveable or immovable properties of all description deemed necessary for the objects of the Union and to alienate by way of sale, exchange, hiring out, gift or otherwise the properties of the Union as may be necessary or appropriate for the achievements of the objects of the Union.
  • To borrow or raise funds in any manner the Union may think fit.
  • To receive any gift, whether money or property, moveable or immoveable, for the fulfilment of the objects of the Union.
  • To co-operate with other bodies or societies having similar aim or aims which are not inconsistent with the objects of the Union for the purpose of promoting or achieving the objects of the Union.
  • To organize symposium, seminars, regional, national, international conventions and congresses.
  • To affiliate itself to other International Catholic Unions and Organisations.
  • To do all other things necessary or incidental to carry out the aims and objects of the Union, and
  • To devote itself to promote renewal within the Church and foster relationship through dialogue, collaboration and service between the Church and Society in keeping with the spirit, vision, approach, values, policies and programmes of the Second Vatican Council.

Lancy D'Cunha

National President

Elias Vas

National Vice President

A. Chinappan

Secretary General

Alexander Anthony

Honorary Treasurer

Administrative Office

The Secretary General
All India Catholic Union
Administrative Office,
Office No 604A, 6th Floor,
Dempo Trade Centre ,
EDC Complex,
Patto Plaza, Panaji, Goa 403 001
Ph: 91 0832 - 2438725 / 91 0832 - 2490250

National President

Mr. Lancy D'Cunha
Ph: 07259020989

National Vice President

Mr. Engr. Elias Vaz
Ph: 09822153833

Honorary Treasurer

Alexander Anthony